About the Blog

The site has been set up in the hope to share some of my thoughts and opinions on recent medical developments as well as comments on some of the voluntary work and work experience which I do! For me medicine is something I have wanted to do for the whole of my life, I knew which university I wanted to go to before I even decided on my Secondary school! But since then my passion for the sector has grown ever stronger and now studding for my A2 levels I know that Medicine is still definitely what I want to do! The main area of medicine which really interests me is neurology, mainly paediatric neurodisability, so expect plenty of comments on developments within this sector!

However at the moment I have just finished my my AS levels in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and French and I have carried on on Biology, Chemistry and Maths to A2 level. Outside of school and medicine I belong to my local swimming club and am dram society. As said before disability is something I am highly passionate about and I volunteer with a local charity for young people with severe, multiple and profound disabilities. I also love to play the violin and after many years I can finally just about play without it sounding like a cat who has just had his tale stood on!

But enough of me! In order to access my latest posts please feel free to click on the list of posts on the left hand side of the page. I hope you can at least find something of interest on here! Please feel free to leave a comment on anything and I will try and get back to you! However I have to admit despite getting a distinction in ICT I am definitely not a whizz with technology! So please do not take it personally if I don’t reply in a decent amount of time!

I hope you enjoy the site!


5 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. I love your blog! It’s really interesting to learn about different medical conditions and you explain them really well. I was hoping you might do a blog on Eating Disorders? My best friend has just been diagnosed and I don’t really get the medical aspect behind it all- I want to be supportive but I think I need to understand it proiperly first. Thanks x

    1. Thank you, I am so humbled by your kind words – and it is really lovely to know that what I write is useful to others! I would be more than happy to write a blog about eating disorders as it is something which effects lots of people in many different ways. Is there any eating disorder you would like me to write about specifically? Thanks again. X

      1. Thank you so much for replying. Well, my friend has actually been diagnosed with EDNOS- sort of a mixture between anorexia and bulimia, which I didn’t even know existed. I guess those two are the principal disorders though, so maybe both? Whatever you can explain really! x

      2. That is not a problem – like you I was unaware that EDNOD existed! However, I will try and write a post on it today 🙂 I hope it of some help! xx

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